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Sharks Swim Team

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For years the Blue Mountain Recreation Commission has sponsored a top youth swim team program in the Schuylkill County Area.  Our coaches take pride in ensuring a safe, comfortable experience for all participants while encouraging high performance and great results.  The Sharks Swim Team is fantastic training to prepare for competition with the Blue Mountain High School Varsity Swim Team.

Disclaimer:  Please note that the Blue Mountain Sharks Swim Team program is not meant to take the place over a standard swimming lesson.  Swimming lessons are developmentally important to a child.  If your child is reliant on floats, needs to have a parent/guardian in the water with them at all times, or needs a life jacket---we highly suggest calling the Recreation Office at #570-366-1190 for assistance on where to place your child.  The Swim Lesson Program consists of many American Red Cross levels which a child needs to work through in order to develop into a confident swimmer.

During the all 3 seasons new swimmers will be required to participate in a preseason evaluation to allow the coaches the opportunity to determine if the swimmer is physically ready.  

Once a swimmer becomes a Shark Swim Team member, he/she will be placed in a training group.  Grouping is organized by ability and NOT age.  By doing this, we are allowing more swimmers the ability to grow in a an environment that will allow them to continually improve rather then keeping them with a group based upon their age.  Example:  an 8 year old swimming in the 11/12 age group times will not be kept with the 8 and under swimmers.  We are here to challenge your swimmer.  All parents and swimmers must respect the coaches decisions in group placements.

There are three seasons that the swim team works out:

Winter Season: December- March (Our longest and most competitive season consisting of 7 dual meets along with a combined league Championship meet in the Anthracite Swim League.)

Summer Season: May -July (A shorter less competitive season with dual meets and a combined league championship meet at the end of the season.)

Fall Season: September-November ( There are no dual meets during this season.  Swimmers focus on stroke mechanics . )

The practice schedule will be determined at the start of each individual season based upon the coaches and pool availability.

Bronze Group:  This is our entry level group for children that are new to swim team.  Bronze is designed to fine tune strokes through various drills, working with coaches, and beginning to build strength and endurance.  An average practice will consist of a warm up of around 300 yards, drill/stroke work, start/turn/relay practice.  Bronze swimmers will learn how to read a pace clock, follow a written set, swim meet etiquette, and sportsmanship.  the group will compete in scheduled dual swim meets.

Recommended Equipment for Bronze: mesh bag, kickboard, short blade fins, pull buoy, swim cap, goggles (Speedo Vanquisher is recommended.)

Silver Group:  This is our second stepping stone within the Blue Mountain Recreation(BMR) Sharks Age Group Swim Team.  The Silver group will still touch upon different drills and stroke work but focus on building up their endurance and speed.  A typical silver swim practice runs for 1 hour and may consist of a warm up of 600 yards, light drill work, a fast paced set, starts and turns work and a cool down.  Silver group will compete in scheduled dual swim meets.

Recommended Equipment for Silver: a mesh bag, kickboard, short blade fins, pull buoy, swim cap, goggles, paddles and a snorkel.

Gold Group:  This group is an advanced group for the BMR Sharks swim team.  Swimmers are generally in 8th grade and under.  The Gold group acts as a preparation for Elite (Varsity Level) competition.  the Gold group will still work on technique, however the main focus is on endurance, strength, smart swimming, and hitting time goals for a a season.  A typical swim practice consists of a warm up of 1200 yards, light drill work, multiple fast pace sets, starts and turns work, and a cool down.  The Gold group competes in scheduled dual swim meets.

Recommended Equipment for Gold:  a mesh bag, kickboard, short blade fins, pull buoy, swim cap, goggles, paddles, a snorkel, and a wiffle ball.

Elite Group:  This group consists of BMR Sharks highest caliber of swimmers who swim competition regularly.  This group often contains members who are 8th grade and older and possess the ability to keep up with fast paced workout while displaying knowledge  and proper technique of all 4 competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly).  Drills are incorporated into every practice, however a lot of the ability to correct and improve is the responsibility of the swimmer.  Coach feedback is still provided as always.  Strong leaders grow from the Elite age group with many participating in the high school varsity program or beyond.  Elite group will allow college students who are returning on summer break to sign up and participate with the group.  A typical  practice runs for 1.5 hours and may consist of a warm up of 1200 yards, light drill work, multiple fast pace sets, starts and turns work, dry land exercise, and a cool down.  Elite group, although often found sharing pool time with the Gold group, will often hold different yardage and time standards during practice.  

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